Sunday, 11 June 2017

Moz Coffee - Mozilla MP (Bhopal)


This blog post is about our community meeting for planning on agenda’s while also meeting new contributor in-person to get them engaged in the right direction.


·        On boarding new contributors

·        Promoting/encouraging Womoz in the community.

·        MozActivate

·        Goals for upcoming quarters in the community.

·        Campus Clubs

So we reached the venue at 1pm and started with interacting with new members knowing about their contributing areas and plannings for upcoming months  
Vaibhav Bajaj started with the discussion on the agenda ,He asked the Club Captains of various Campus Clubs ,of having a follow up with the attendees after conducting events in a club so that we get some quality contributors who are dedicated for the Mozilla's Mission also involving new clubs and engaging the existing club's activeness,also about when passing out from a college assigning the new charge and responsibility to other genuine students and getting them on board with community members.
Then Faisal Aziz  gave us a brief about how to proceed with the planned strategies like taking ownership to drive a project taking the responsibility so that people interested can directly approach the person and learn to work and take a step forward.

 So for accountability Kushagra Varade took the ownership of Web CompatibilityVaibhav Bajaj took the ownership of Web Virtual Reality(VR) and Rust to be taken by Raj Nilayam we also considered fact that the community needs to work on Diving into the Rust,add-ons,web compatibility and WebVR for MozActivate.

He also told us to focus on the track we are moving and not getting distracted ,also the new assigned Mozilla Representatives Kushagra , Raj and Robin(Me) were informed to take the responsibilities to drive and grow the community, planning events in the upcoming months making a follow up and documenting the whole.

We also had a discussion of having a mailing list for the community to get in touch with the fellow Mozillians for a proper transfer of information for all the official communications to happen.Documentation of all the resources provided by Mozilla to Mozilla MP community for a track record. 

Also a point was raised to have monthly call for the community because regular meetups are not practically possible but regular communications need to happen for a better working being active, well managed and planned,also we can get ideas from all the community members experienced and new for having a transparency while learning and teaching in a healthy and productive manner.We need to finalize a fix day and time for the call and conducting a monthly call discussing the current and future plans.

  And later we concluded the meetup with a motive to work together with the new plans and having some delicious snacks, soft drinks with pictures and memories :)

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