Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A-Frame Hack Night India

WebVR India community conducted an event as WebVR Hackathon night organized by Ram Dayal Vaishnav. Ram is a passionate Open Source contributor to Mozilla’s projects (5 years+), a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Mozilla Representative, and a co-founder of the WebVR India community.
 The WebVR India community conducted a WebVR Hack Night event on 22nd April 2017. In attendance were active members of the community, who collaboratively sprinted on a few goals and brainstormed about the community health and expansion. The event was attended by 29 members from 9 different cities.

The attendees started working on a WebVR India community website to showcase all the related resources in a single place, as well as provide steps for Getting Involved. Apart from this, the WebVR India community now has a good roadmap for the next couple of months (including a contest for fixing A-Frame issues on GitHub.

We worked till morning 6am on the mentioned agenda.The WebVR India community has more than 200 members on its Telegram group, most of whom are focused on A-Frame development and evangelism. Because of its huge presence and community involvement, India is the leading country in organizing events as part of the MozActivate campaign to get more contributors and developers, locally and internationally, evangelizing, and contributing to WebVR and A-Frame.We joined from Bhopal (MozMP,)Me(Robin Koshy) and Mukesh Pathak

  • Crowd source code for aframe-examples repository.
  • Prepare improved get-involved page.
  • Contribution on A-Frame registry.
  • Work on Webvr-India github site and finish atleast first version.
  • Prepare a teaching curriculum and material which can be used by anyone.
  • Retrospection & see how we did till now.
  • Tinker and restructure ourself if required.

 Event Link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/a-frame-hack-night-india/ 

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