Thursday, 1 September 2016


It was the biggest Mozilla India event that I have attended ever before.It was the first time I was going to meet Mozillians all over from India. Also I was very much excited to meet new big contributors from other parts of the country. With loads of anxiety and happiness I departed form Bhopal along with Faisal Sir Rahul Sir Vaibhav Sir Kushagra Raj Rishabh Satyadeep Pune on 26th afternoon.
We reached the Hotel Holiday Pune .For the dinner, we were asked to come in our traditional wear, there was a whole lot of people , wearing traditional dress. And the entire room was looking awesome!
Then we had a couple of activities. There was also a debrief about the event as whole.

Day 1
The first day of the meetup was started with the overview of the meetup.It was followed by George's session about Mozilla's goals. At the end of the session I had a very clear idea about the importance of Mozilla India's role as an active community for Mozilla.
Then the members were split into groups based on the colour of a sticker which they stick into our tags. I got into the session of Web Literacy
I was able to grab the Internet issues which people/governement face these days.Educating the people about Internet5 and the open web.
Then there was this "Personal leadership development session". It was very useful for me , I understood many things regarding the leadership qualitites
Next there was another breakout session. This was based on the functional areas. I chose "Mozilla Campus Club ".
At the end of the day, we had the important session of all - The new structure of Mozilla India community. Every one received a booklet containing proposed restructure of Mozilla India community
Then the structure was explained by Deb, Kaustav and George.

Day 2
The second day started off with Bradley explaining the Developer marketing and brand awareness.
Then we had a session on Team performance and Mobilizing
This session was full of fun. The activities which we made helped me understand how a leader must be and also how people should respect other's ideas and proposals.
Then our breakout session started. I chose "Web compatability" track.
The web compatibility session was handled by Bradley. Everyone knows Mozilla, which supports the notion that web must be open for all, also it helps the web developers to develop websites. During this session , I came to know that it has taken a step more,through web compatibility, Mozilla tries to help the developers in making websites cross-browser compatable. I was very much impressed by Mozilla's mission for this web.
And finally, The most awaited part of the meetup started. The new structure of Mozilla India was released and the modifications from the previous version was discussed. It was an amazingly new structure which I personally think, is flexible enough to maintain such a huge community.
It was a great experience for me and I have met many new friends
Thanks Mozilla India for giving me such an everlasting memory. I will surely be a part of the making Mozilla India stronger in the days to come.

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