Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello Mozillians

So this blog is about my journey in Mozilla till now from December 2014 when I joined the community the Mozilla Madhya Pradesh Community after the session of Hour of Code 2014 conducted in Bhopal School of Social Sciences, Rahul Talreja Sir told us about such a community which works to makes the web a safe and better place to live , the non-profit organisation which works with a mission to promote choice, innovation and participation on the internet.

We were eager to learn more so joined the mission where thousands of volunteers join hands to make the web safe and a better place to live.I was informed by Rahul Sir that there will be a meetup where the community members would be meeting to stay in touch and discuss about the further plans.So I attended the meetup with some of my colleagues of my college where I witnessed the awesomeness of the Mozilla Community. I was pleased to meet there Faisal Sir the God Father of Mozilla India community a person with great knowledge and Vaibhav Bajaj Sir the Mozilla Rep a person very kind with a great intelligence and other passionate volunteers of the community.Here I was acknowledged that what is Mozilla all about what is its mission.
Then I became an FSA the official firefox student ambassador by following what I was directed by my mentor.Then in my second meeting with Rahul Sir where I went with one of my friend Abhishek , I was informed about Mozilla and its functions in detail thereafter we planned about Foxwave Bhopal I took permission in my college and hosted the event there with his guidance and support where we initiated a club BSSS Firefox Club with some folks who were keenly interested to work with us , I gave a Club Lead Test and became the same for my club.Where I met some newbies and made them know about Mozilla and its mission and products the same way as I was known about it.
Then later on I attended further meetups of the community with my other club members and one day some of them were interested to learn about l10n and Sumo contributing areas so I planned a meetup with Vaibhav Sir who with keen interest took his time and made us know about the products and several projects of Mozilla.

I am currently in the 3rd rank in Army of Awesome with two badges of 2015 and 2016.
So further moving on in the journey I planned and hosted The Hour of Code 2016 in Bhopal with my friend Aditya Shah a Mozillian and MSP. In two schools in Bhopal with some passionate volunteers we went to teach the younger generation about the web literacy ,privacy on internet, Mozilla and its mission.We were pleased after the session because those two schools didn't teach the children about Computer Science with quality but we went and made them know about the reality and career opportunities further.

So I end up my blog with this and I promise to work for the nation and all the globe to make the web safe and a better place to live.

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