Thursday, 17 December 2015



 This post is about a meetup held to make some fellow mozillian friends who were keen to learn and contribute in some projects of Mozilla. It all started when few members of my (Robin Koshy) club BSSS Firefox Club Bhopal approached me with their queries about what is the contribution area of Mozilla all about.

 Initially I introduced them with the contribution projects of Mozilla.And further to make them practically see and learn about the same I approached Vaibhav Bajaj Sir (MozRep) Bhopal in a telephonic conversation and discussed about the same.

 He was even keenly interested for a meetup and to teach us about the contribution projects of Mozilla. So after deciding an appropriate time and place for all we planned to meet at Domino's Pizza at Aura Mall Bhopal at 8pm on 15th December 2015.
So as planned I reached at the place with the other members with a little delay and Vaibhav Sir was already waiting for us with his laptop.
First of all we congratulated him for being selected for the Leadership Summit to be held at Singapore.Thereafter I introduced my members to him and then we asked him about his experience at Mozilla which he explained in a way that we were motivated to do more for the Mozilla Mission .Then He started with introducing about the contribution areas of Mozilla like l10n,support forum,SuMo and community building.
He taught us about how to translate the stuffs in localisation l10n and how to be careful about the mistakes that can happen leading to errors.

And gave us some examples by translating few strings.Then moving on he taught us about SuMo Army of Awsome that how do we contribute in it. Explaining every steps in detail.and telling us that contribute checking on about errors and some silly mistakes that can happen.We even wanted to learn more but as the time was less and we had to reach home so Vaibhav Sir concluded it and he answered to some of our queries and also offered us with some Pizza's and cold drinks.
So after learning ,interacting and spending a time worth we concluded thanking him for giving his time to teach us about Mozilla.

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