Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The ADD-ON Workshop29th August 2017  

This blog post is about “The Add-On workshop” for Firefox conducted on 29th
  August 2017 at Bombay Street Café Bhopal. This was to share our knowledge  
 that Add-ons provide a safe, simple, and powerful way to personalize
 your browsing experience. This was my first event organized after becoming 
a Mozilla Representative.
 It was a great experience interacting and giving a platform 
to the attendees to learn development under this awesome 
MozActivate initiative.Starting with, we reached the venue at 3:00PM IST 
and arranged the setup and interacted with all the attendees
 who more than we expected and more importantly keen to learn 
add-on development.I started with the introduction of   
Mozilla & its mission for the betterment of web .
Also talking about the MozActivate initiative 
that why it was introduced to currently focus on specific 
areas like Nightly,Testing,Add-Ons,WebVR etc. 
After the introduction moving forward with the main topic ,
I shared my knowledge that with Web Extensions APIs,
 it’s easier than ever to create extensions that can be
 easily ported to Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera. 
Through this activity you’ll help connect new developers 
with an opportunity to create add-ons to solve real problems
 and make their lives and the web better. Then Mukesh introduced the 
attendees about the basic environment for add-ons development , 
Manifest.jason and other related stuffs. 
Some of the students were already a developer and had some 
queries so we helped them with the same. 
We then shared with them few extensions API examples
 to make them comfortable about its structure and
 environment. Now moving to the hands on session we ask them 
to do the basic preparation. And then we tried them 
like “Borderify” , “Beastify” and other basic things.
The students were interested in more such workshops 
so looking forward for next advance workshop to develop some 
 add-ons using our creativity.And with this 
we concluded the workshop taking their feedback,
 pictures and snacks.

We’re very thankful to our mentors and our community for being a great support.

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